RE4C Procession and Petition Submission


Ghanaian Government: It’s time for true climate leadership

RE4C coalition is calling on the Ghanaian government to commit to achieving Ghana’s Renewable Energy Agenda

The RE4C campaign aims to continue its work nationally so as to advocate for stronger ambition as well as the implementation of plans indicated in Ghana’s RE act as well as the National Medium Term Development Plans. With the wrap-up of COP 26 and the delivery of our demands to the President of Ghana, the campaign aims to push its work further for more commitment and actual implementation ahead of COP27 to further place Ghana as the lead in the just energy transition in West Africa.

The IPCC solutions and adaptation report call for the implementation of the RE Act plan to ensure Ghana maximizes its NDCs and that the government commits to its promise of more RE in the energy mix. This walk aims to educate the public on the release of the  IPCC report on solutions and adaptation and why it’s important for our country to choose Renewable Energy and provide Solutions. It is time for our government to do more implementation of renewable energy projects promised in the RE Act of Ghana.

To keep pushing for renewable and alternative energy implementation in 2022 and beyond, our goal is to continue raising the profile of the campaign through increased strategy, engagement of new audiences, and partnerships regionally and globally. This procession is an opportunity to do so.


Further, reiterate our key campaign demands to the President, Ministry of Energy and Members of Parliament representing the regions of Ghana to ensure at least 10% implementation of the regional RE plans by 2030 from the current 2%.

Ghana is still praised as one of the most stable African democracies since the dawn of African independence led by the iconic Dr.  Kwame Nkrumah, and now we need to lead the way in breaking free from fossil fuels dependence. There’s no other way to stop climate breakdown, we must keep fossil fuels in the ground and transition towards 100% renewable energy for all – as soon as possible. We can’t afford to wait any longer, It has to start somewhere. The government needs to stick to its agenda and we need to make sure they do just that.

It’s time for true climate leadership all across the country – it’s time to act on our commitment.


We are calling on the government of Ghana to be more ambitious on your commitment to go 10% Renewable Energy by 2030. This decision is exactly the kind of policy we need to fight climate change right now.

More than 20 years of international climate negotiations have not been enough to keep the planet from warming.   We’re at a tipping point across the world and we are watching as Climate impacts escalate.

We commend you for committing to a fossil-free Ghana — but we need to see it happening from Now to 2030! We can no longer afford to procrastinate.

A Ghana, 100% powered by the sun and the wind is on our doorstep. Let’s seize this opportunity and build a renewable energy future.



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