RE4C in 5 Regions of Ghana

As part of our 2021 strategy, we in partnership with the EPA would like to support 5 regions to develop and implement their RE plans by 2022. We plan to mobilize and engage key stakeholders and community leaders within the 5 selected regions on the need to develop and implement RE local plans.

Already, GROC has conducted and made recommendations on the renewable energy plans to the government and we intend to build on and get such plans developed and implemented at the local level.

Policy influence

According to Ghana’s Energy Policy, it intends to increase renewable energy in the supply mix to 10% by 2030 thus the need to engage relevant state actors in this regard. Government is yet to review the Renewable Energy Act, 2011 Act 832 which provides an opportunity to influence the consultations with first-hand information to be obtained from our community engagement exercise and consultation with key stakeholders. We influence policies through publication of articles, fact sheets, brief papers etc.

Building Allies

As part of our contribution, we will share our campaign or advocacy experiences and knowledge with allies as part of leveraging on skills, expertise and resources, peer-learning and cross pollination of ideas to achieving common objectives.