Patricia Odeibea Bekoe -Administrative Secretary

Patricia Odeibea Bekoe is a marketing professional with a passion for environmental sustainability and climate justice activism. She has over a decade of experience in the field and has led and supported numerous campaigns and events in Ghana. Her skills in organizing, managing, and advocating have been valuable assets in her work, including her current roles as admin and logistics team lead for 350 Ghana Reducing our Carbon (G-ROC), a member of the Africa Coal Network and the Renewable Energy chapter, and a member of the Coalition of Air Management.

Patricia’s successful projects include leading the Renewable Energy for Communities Camping (RE4C) project in five districts in Accra, the Break Free from Darkness campaign, and various Renewable Energy for Schools projects. In addition to her activism work, she works as a marketing and client relations officer in the hospitality industry, applying her skills and knowledge to her role. Patricia also volunteers for various organizations and initiatives, including KASA, GYEM, LCOY, YCC, and Abibinsroma Foundation.

Patricia’s dedication and extensive experience in the field have made her an important asset to the climate justice movement in Ghana. She believes that climate sustainability is everyone’s responsibility and brings her academic background and business knowledge into her activism work, aiming to drive change towards a sustainable future.