Ghanaian Youth Empowered to Combat Climate Change Through Renewable Energy Education

Vakpo, Ghana – In a concerted effort to combat climate change and reduce Ghana’s carbon emissions, 350 Ghana Reducing Our Carbon (G-ROC) has taken a proactive approach by empowering and mobilizing youth groups across the country. In collaboration with key stakeholders, G-ROC has recently conducted a successful renewable energy education program at Vakpo Senior High School in the North Dayi district of the Volta region.

Empowering Students with Renewable Energy Education

During their visit to Vakpo Senior High School, G-ROC conducted a comprehensive RE education program, enlightening students about the importance of renewable energy sources and their role in reducing carbon emissions. The students were taught how to construct simple solar-powered lights, providing them with a practical solution for electricity shortages. This knowledge not only empowers students to address their immediate energy needs but also cultivates a mindset of sustainable energy use.

Engaging Stakeholders and Environmental Advocates

G-ROC’s visit to Vakpo Senior High School was enriched by the presence of key stakeholders and environmental advocates. Mr Henry Nunoo, a representative from the Environmental Protection Agency, delivered a powerful message, urging students to protect the environment through actions such as tree planting. This reinforced the importance of preserving Ghana’s natural resources and the critical role that each individual can play in safeguarding the planet.

Charles Wundengba, the Communications Manager for G-ROC, inspired students to pursue academic excellence and explore innovative approaches to energy production. By encouraging students to develop new technologies that combat climate change, Wundengba empowered the young minds to become drivers of sustainable development.

Charles Wundengba, Communications Manager, 350 Ghana
Charles Wundengba, Communications Manager, 350 Ghana

Recognition and Gratitude:

The Assistant Headmaster for Academics of Vakpo Senior High School, Mr Julius Yaw Anthony, expressed his gratitude to 350 GROC for bringing such a valuable training opportunity to the students. Recognizing the significance of renewable energy education in shaping the future, he acknowledged the importance of preparing students for the challenges posed by climate change.

Looking Ahead

Theodorah Xatse, the Volta region project coordinator for 350 GROC, emphasized the importance of the project in preparing students for the future. By equipping young people with knowledge and practical skills in renewable energy, G-ROC is fostering a generation of environmentally conscious individuals who will contribute to building a sustainable and carbon-free Ghana.


350 Ghana Reducing Our Carbon (G-ROC) continues to make remarkable strides in engaging and empowering young people to actively combat climate change. Through their recent visit to Vakpo Senior High School, G-ROC provided students with valuable renewable energy education and hands-on training in building solar-powered lights. With the support of key stakeholders and environmental advocates, this initiative prepares Ghanaian youth to be at the forefront of the fight against climate change, ensuring that their voices are heard and incorporated into decision-making processes. As G-ROC and its partners work together, Ghana is poised to make significant progress in reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to a sustainable, low-carbon future.

A Section of students of Vakpo Snr High School
A Section of students of Vakpo Snr High School

About Vokpa Senior High School

Vakpo Senior High School was established as a private institution in October 1965 with a pioneering student population of 32. It was absorbed into the Public System in October, 1970. The school moved from the old site to its present site in 1987.


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