Abuakwa North: Women In Renewable Energy launched in Kukurantumi

350 Ghana Reducing Our Carbon, is committed to reducing emissions significantly to ensure Communities leave a net positive impact on the environment. The group collaboration with Kingdom Dynamic Future Home Ghana and Akyem Abuakwa Coalition Of NGOs have launched Women In Renewable Energy with the theme: The need to protect the environment, an initiative that will enable women to become carbon neutral in the community.

On July 30, 2022. which was marked as Women’s Day, the group hosted the fact on climate change in Akyem Kukurantumi in Abuakwa North of the Eastern Region. The event offered a space for governments, private sector leaders, institutions, civil society organisations and activists to discuss climate-related issues and solutions. Key discussions included Women in Renewable Energy and the shift to low–emission economy.

Speaking to Mrs. Portia Adu Mensah who is the national coordinator for 350 Ghana Reducing Our Carbon, said, they are young activists who believe that the grassroots must hear about renewable energy, and climate change.

”We have budged to communities to spread the good news to them, and we have named the program Renewable Energy for Communities, she said.

According to her, women are increasingly more vulnerable than men to the effects of climate change in villages and rural areas. Women regularly act as guardians of natural and household resources. Women working in these circumstances make decisions that have an effect on the environment. Climate Change becomes a stressor that intensifies women’s vulnerabilities.

Nana Breman III, Adonten Kyedomhene in an interview with the media said he had learned a lot about renewable energy especially the use of solar bulbs and the clean stove. “it is a very educative program that will help not only women but everyone in the community, he said.

Story by Mr Awal Adam (.obuaba.com)



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