350 Ghana Reducing Our Carbon (G-ROC) is a formal network of youth groups, formed with the aim of mobilizing and empowering young people in partnership with key stakeholders to actively champion the need to reduce Ghana’s carbon emissions and promote Renewable Energy systems, as a key effort in combating climate change. G-ROC seeks to position itself as a strategic youth-led group in influencing and contributing to policies and programming on low carbon emission-related issues. We strive to ensure that the concerns of young people and local communities are acknowledged and incorporated in decision-making processes toward a low carbon or carbon-free country.

One of the ways we do so is by strongly promoting the use of Renewable Energies in Ghana and globally. The current government of Ghana, as part of its manifesto, placed a high regard for Renewable Energy as the alternative in addressing the energy challenges facing the country. The government now has put in a number of interventions to scale up Renewable Energy use in our energy mix. This provides the window of opportunity in the light of Goal 7 of the Sustainable Development Goal for 350 G-ROC to engage the Government as a partner in influencing Renewable Energy Programming to help achieve this target and ensure an ultimate goal congruence in promoting Renewable Energy in Ghana.