350 GROC and Tribaverse donate to women in Gomoa Dago, empowering them to fight climate change.

In the central region of Ghana, over one hundred women gathered on Easter Saturday to receive donations from 350 Ghana Reducing Our Carbon (G-ROC) and Tribaverse. These two organizations share a passion for reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices to combat climate change.

Aside from the donations, the women were also empowered with knowledge about the harmful effects of climate change and ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Co-founder of Tribaverse, Luigi Houdson, and Administrative Secretary at 350 GROC, Patricia Bekoe, introduced the organizations and their activism. Charles Wundengba, a climate activist and Communications Manager for 350 GROC, empowered the women on the causes, effects, and ways to fight climate change.

The donations, which included one hundred rechargeable bulbs, clean cook stoves, and pressure cookers, were received with gratitude by the women. These items will make cooking easier and healthier, while the rechargeable bulbs will provide much-needed light in their homes.

The event was attended by the queenmother of the area, assembly member, and other community leaders who showed their support for the initiative. The women left the event feeling empowered to fight climate change and grateful for the kindness shown to them by 350 GROC and Tribaverse.

As the world continues to face the effects of climate change, it is important for everyone to play their part in reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices.


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